Trolls AR Karaoke Loyalty Program



  • Pyaterochka” is a supermarket chain operated by X5 Retail Group. As of December 31, 2019, the Pyaterochka retail chain had 15, 354 stores. 


  • Brand Promotion
  • Loyalty campaign
  • Augmented Reality production
  • Mobile application development


  • AR Karaoke mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Mini-games for the app

Project Info


The goal was to develop a unique interactive mechanics to gamify the collectible-based loyalty marketing campaign. “The Trollemendous Tour” campaign had to be timed with the release of the “Trolls World Tour” animated film.


We have designed, developed and launched the «Trolls. Karaoke» mobile app that utilized Augmented Reality to project the heroes of the cartoon to the special collectible cards that were distributed through the Pyaterochka stores. Customers were offered the cards with the purchase of goods in the stores of the chain. The complete “offline” collection included 24 unique animated characters. Customers were also offered an album to conveniently store all their collectibles. 

The amount of online content available to the user depended on the amount of collected cards. Players could unlock karaoke songs by scanning the new physical cards in their collection.
The application allowed users to sing karaoke and record videos of their performances using Troll-themed AR-masks. Bult-in social sharing capabilities allowed to share these videos to social networks, challenge friends to karaoke battles, and receive prizes for participating in online contests.



The app jumped to the top of the Apple and Google app stores in the first few weeks after release. It ranked first in popularity and downloads on Google Play among free apps (according to AppBrain) and second place in downloads in the “Free” category independent of an operating system (according to AppFollow)

During t the application with augmented reality elements has rapidly gained popularity. Thoughtful content attracted a large number of users: the application was downloaded more than two million times; the majority of downloads — over 1.5 million — came from Android users (Android: 75.6% | iOS: 25.4%).
Almost 15,000 videos have been uploaded. And after the moderation, over six thousand performances participated in the competition. Virtual karaoke allowed the participants to express themselves, make new friends, and compete for prizes while enjoy performing their favorite songs.


Contest Mechanics

Any website visitor could browse the contestants’ videos and vote using their social media account for the best videos in two categories:
1. Solo – individual performers

2. Karaoke Battle – video of friends taking turns to sing the same song

The votes were collected for 24 hours. The creators of videos with the most votes received valuable prizes from Pyaterochka


“The Trolls World Tour” promo-site

The website was designed to support the marketing campaign and provide customers with all the necessary details. Additionally, users could vote for the best solo karaoke videos and karaoke battles.

After signing up, users could update their collector’s album and read detailed descriptions of available cards.


Mobile App

The game mechanics of the Trolls.Karaoke mobile application include recognition of cards, AR-masks, AR-karaoke and integration with the video hosting server and the promo-site where voting for karaoke videos and karaoke battles took place.

Other features of the mobile application:

  • 16 AR Troll masks that can be applied to a user’s face
  • Ability to take and share selfies using AR-masks 
  • 24 popular karaoke songs with AR-karaoke recording and seamless video upload capability to participate in the contest
  • Karaoke battle sessions – invite friends from social networks 
  • Custom avatars generator




Card Scanner

Collectible cards can be scanned by the app to unlock new characters, masks, and songs



    Each card is added to the application’s virtual directory after scanning. Users can also see what cards they haven’t discovered yet


      AR Masks

      • AR Masks are unlocked by scanning cards
      • Use masks to take selfies alone or with friends
      • Post selfies on social networks or send to friends
      • Upload selfies to the site to get into the contest


        AR Karaoke

        Record videos of your solo performances or compete against your friends in battles. And yes, you could still use AR-masks and share content in social networks

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