Real Estate VR & AR Solutions

We use technology to solve one of the biggest problems in the real estate industry: an inability to produce an easy to perceive Proof of Concept to let clients see an end result during the early stages of a project, so that nothing comes as a surprise. PoC’s allow organizations to save a lot of time, effort, and cut their costs all while making their clients happy.
It all became possible with our AR and VR solutions for real estate!

Satisfy Customers

Enable customers to experience their new home before it’s even built

Cut costs

Aid architects and engineers. Help them to see what needs improvements on early progect stages


Change design on the fly to pick the best finishings, colors, and furnishing options

Engage & Promote

Virtual showrooms, trade show solutions, website 360 tours, and more to enhance your web and social media presence


  • Websites
  • Virtual Reality Goggles
  • iOS & Android phones and tablets

Technologies & Solutions

Virtual Reality Property Tours

Immerse yourself into a precise Virtual Reality copy of your project, walk around it to assess its look and feel even before construction starts.

Real-time Configurators

Whether you’re an architect trying to come up with the best plan for living areas, or the future property owner deciding what color of hardwood floors to pick  – VR Proof of Concept will make it easier for you

Exterior Placement Previews

Project a 3D model of your building to the construction site to see how it’s going to look when construction is completed

Visual Interior Design

What you see is what you get, real-time configurator allows to put your mind at ease and stop relying on your imagination only when selecting finishes, floors, wall colors, countertop materials, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and more.


360° Tours

3D rendered or photo panoramic tours built into your website, mobile app, or in your VR headset

AR Portals

Use your phone or tablet to enter virtual reality through augmented reality portals


Design your house, office space, or any other real estate using virtual reality even before construction starts


Help your customers decide on interior and exterior materials, colors, and design configurations


No need to build a model unit anymore! Let us create it in virtual reality. Then, show properties from the comfort of your office

Cutting edge tech at the price that doesn't bite

We have perfected our delivery pipeline to deliver amazing results without charging premium


Global Events in Metaverse

Conduct your business and corporate events online like if it was in-person!

Metaverse is the best “place” to showcase your property to customers around the world. Invite international investors to a virtual open house event, or save on travel time for the cottage showings  –  you can do virtually everything there!

Accessible via VR headset or PC, so no one is left behind

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Enter the Metaverse

All it takes is an oculus headset, or a personal computer – it’s that easy, and allows everyone to participate. 


There is no VR or AR without 3D modeling. Naturally, our team has the best 3D designers, modelers, animators and architects out there. We are known for our ability to quickly produce photorealistic images and models of outstanding quality for interior, exterior, and product visualization, tailored for print, website, 3D printing, or VR/AR display. Click on the button below to view gallery of our recent 3D rendering works.



Cross-Platform Solutions

Our delivery pipeline is fine-tuned to offer the most lucrative price for the quality


Tools that we use:

  • Unity 3D and Unreal Engine — to create an environment
  • 3ds Max, Blender, AutoCAD — for 3D modelling
  • React, Three.js, Flutter — for Web and Mobile
  • VRChat, AltspaceVR, Decentraland — for Metaverse integrations

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