AR / VR Loyalty program for Billa Bricks!


Billa — is a chain of supermarkets around Europe that is owned by the German corporation REWE Group. REWE Group — is the fortht trade company in Europe, that has more than 13 000 malls and over 300 000 employees.

We were tasked to create an application using Augmented and Virtual reality to attract young families and promote Billa stores.


Every time you make a purchase at Billa, you receive a sticker with an AR/VR code alongside with a LEGO piece, such as a store window, shopping cart, or a character.

Using the mobile app we created, customers are granted access to their virtual store, that would have all the same items, but in virtual or augmented reality! The more items you discover, the more mini-games are becoming available for you at your virtual store.

Moreover, you could immerse yourself into the store in virtual reality and try your skills as a store manager.

Tech Stack

Unity 3d, GearVR, Cardboard, Autodest 3DsMax, Blender, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#

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