AR/VR Loyalty program for Dixy — Look, dinosaurs!


We were asked to build an interactive AR / VR platform to attract customers of young age and their parents to the loyalty program in one of retail store chains.

When purchase is made, a set of stickies with an AR/VR code is received. Each stickie represents a dinosaur, that users can “discover” using a mobile app. We have developed a number of interactions using both Virtual and Augmented reality to keep kids engaged with an app. As part of a promotion, they could have also received a branded VR headset to see dinosaur in action in a real-life setting.

Dixy also launched a contest for the best selfie with a dinosaur, which became extremely popular among young generation.


Promo was running for 2 months, and over 40 suppliers took part in it, promoting over 200 various goods. The app was downloaded over 700K times and 500K headsets were distributed.

Tech Stack

Unity 3d, GearVR, Cardboard, Autodest 3DsMax, Blender, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#