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A new stream in visual art — Virtual Reality interactive paintings.


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Emerging technologies are changing the way we look at ordinary things. Absolut Vodka decided to use our technology to help a number of famous artists to explore the capabilities of Virtual Reality.

[VR]alism — a new concept introduced by Absolut which means a mix of arts empowered by VR technologies. Visual and audio storyteling, painting, 3D modelling and sculpturing: everything is brought together to mesmerize even the most spoiled art-lovers. That is why Absolut invited artists of all kinds: from street art to classic genres, to work on a one of a kind project in the reality they create.

Artists’ manifesto:

Stuart Campbell (SUTU) — illustrator, interactive designer

Walls and fences are the forms that hold, limit us. Even the bottle’s glass is an obstacle that we cannot break through. We can see the world through the glass, but it still remains a barrier. I decided to create my masterpiece with dots of light. Using these dots I can create any forms, such as the signature Absolut’s bottle. But only the most thoughtful viewer would understand that the bottle itself and all the rest are painted with light and are translucent.
This work invites viewers to walk through the light and see what’s behind the illusion of the barrier. Explore the piece of art from multiple angles. Inside of this work you may find a dancer who’s hanging in the air, connecting to the external world through the glass.
Virtual Reality opens a whole set of new tools and capabilities for artists. As a digital artist, this was my very first experience painting being inside of my own creation and moving around it freely.
My work has been inspired by the little sail boats enclosed into a bottle. When I was a kid, I found these both magical and mystical. I wanted to bring a pice of this magic by creating this work: a little part of a world in a bottle.
VR allows us to fully dive in this world, explore and enjoy it.

Denis Simenov — VR-artist

Experience that I’ve created while working [VR]alism project is focused on the symbols of two most important eras in Russian history: the time before revolution and soviet union of 50—60’s when everyone was driven by the excitement of space exploration.
I offer a viewer to take a VR journey that was constructed based on the Boris Kustodiev’s picture “Merchant’s Wife at Tea” and a typical late 50’s nature mort.
The main theme is a deep dive into history, which is represented by symbolical items that were common back then. The project is done using Tilt Brush. VR allowed me to simulate zero gravity inside of Absolut bottle, where items are flowing like if they would in open space.

Pokras Lampas — street art, graffiti

As I create I always try to break the boundaries even if these are walls, a photoshop template, or typographic rules. And this is what VR gave me: a world with no limits. No boundaries.
I have written the phrase “New Visual Culture” a number of times in this painting, displaying a contemporary view on both gothic style and the calligraphy in circular compositions.
The new mesmerizing world that we break and create with Absolut is just like Save, Load, Copy, Paste, Reboot. We create a new reality instead of an old one. We breaking habits and create new ones. Welcome the new visual culture — [VR]alism.

Stepan Krasnov — Artist

I continue exploring the phenomenon of collective unconscious, a crowd’s psychology and subcultures.
Every bubble represents a single person in a crowd.
There are ideas and feelings that appear only if you get a group of individuals together. An inspred crowd in this piece represents a temporary organism in a form of a bottle. It is formed by different elements that are combined together for a matter of seconds, just like cells in an organic tissue, creating synergy and adding new parameters and capabilities to this formation that every single of the elements have never had. This is how a collective soul being born.

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