During the CES, HTC has presented a new virtual reality headset, that is most likely designed to bring VR closer to general public, — the Vive Cosmos. What can be derived from the 24 seconds video that company presented, the Cosmos will not require the external sensors for tracking its’ location and the location of controllers. Speaking of which, the controllers look like a tuned version of OCULUS RIFT controllers, and for the first time in HTC history they have an analog joystick instead of the sensor pads the regular VIVE’s controllers have.

Overall, COSMOS is being promoted as a convenient device with “absolute comfort” and “easy setup,” intended for either home or mobile use. The beauty is that HTC says that COSMOS will be usable both at home and on the go. Also, the video suggests that it could be connected to your smartphone.

However, no one knows how much it costs, what it’s exact tech specs and features are, or when it’s going to become available for purchase, as “coming soon,” posted by HTC on their Twitter, is not very descriptive.

Another potential big thing is that HTC  also announced the Vive Pro Eye, an enterprise-focused headset that offers eye-tracking, negating the need for the use of handheld controllers. That, too, is currently without a release date or exact price.

And the cherry on the cake is another announce by HTC — a new subscription service for Viveport called “Infinite”, which will give you access to 500 apps and games and any given time starting April 5. HTC is also looking to reimagine the whole VR experience with its new Vive Reality System.

Hopefully, we’d learn more in the nearest future.