IBM is targeting to use AI power for big data processing to solve mining’s biggest challenges.
The amount of data generated by the energy industry is accelerating, yet only 10 percent is actionable. Imagine tapping into 240 years of geological education in seconds. IBM ensbles companies to collect, analyze, and action massive amounts of data, becoming a leader in mining process optimization.

Make critical decisions faster
AI-enabled platforms support performance-driven operations to enhance exploration, predict asset failure, and increase productivity. We have created a mixed reality experience that allows investors to explore one of the precious metal mines in Kazakhstan, simultaneously tapping into the data collected by IBM software solutions.

We have both VR experience where users can walk around the mining side, exploring it from the inside, as well as an AR iPad app that allows other users to follow this journey on the projected AR model, that also provides data inputs on multiple valuable points such as production volumes, fuel levels, etc.

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