AR Storytelling: Ginza Scan Mobile App


Ginza Project is an international group of companies, founded in 2003. СGinza Project owns and manages more than 150 restaurant projects in New York, Baku, London, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.

Over 1,5 million people are visiting ginza restaurants monthly. This number includes a big percentage of families with kids.

We have created a mobile app for kids to scan special AR stickers in Ginza restaurants, collect AR scenes and get real prizes for active participation.


Ginza Scan is an app where you are not only reading, but watching news about the restaurants!

Users can also glance through the menu, stay informed about the trendy events around the city, and most important, bring to live the interactive illustrations from the colourful book with stories about the characters created specifically for Ginza. Illustrations are transformed into cartoon-like animated pieces that kids love to play with, while listening to the fairytale.

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